2 Habits that are Making You Lose Your Hair

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You might have assumed that losing your hair was either the result of getting really old or, well, cutting your hair off. Well, there are actually a few other ways you can get rid of your hair that you might not have known about.

1) Tight Ponytail

A well-fixed ponytail sure is cute, but did you know that pulling your ponytail really tight can damage the hair follicles? It will eventually lead to a condition called traction alopceia. Whatever that means.


Basically, you are just ripping your hair out really slowly.

Traction alopecia can cause permanent hair loss. It will take many years of tight ponytails, but experts say over a few years you could end up with really thin hair.

2) Too Much Blow Drying

Too much of anything is probably bad for your hair. The thing with blowdryers is that the extreme heat can lead to breakage, making the hair weak and more prone to falling out.


Similarly, if you light your hair on fire this will also happen.

Dr. Shapiro says that blow drying and using products like relaxers says it probably won’t cause damage unless the heat from the dryer is excessive. Dermatology experts highly advise against using straighteners or curling irons on wet hair.

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