2 More Secret Hair Curling Tips


If you still are not thrilled with your curled hair after using our secret tips from the last post, here are two most curling tips you probably would have never learned about if it wasn’t for us and our omniscient knowledge of everything hair.

1) Add Glam-tacular Waves to Straight Hair

Apply a setting lotion such as ANTI.GRAVITY and dry it in until your hair is dry. You will need to grab a medium sized hot curling iron and HAIR.CURLERS to reinforce and hold the incredible curl.

Being at the sides, rolling each section from the ends and rolling the hair up to the roots. (If you didn’t know this, you should probably just give up now). As you go along and do each chunk of hair with your hot metal cylinder, you must quickly and gingerly and ninjerly (ninja-like) place it quickly into a roller so that the hair settles and cools around the hot tube.

Roll the top back, roll the sides and back down. Avoid making a part (LOL parts are so 1990). Once you have that stuff going, let your hair cool and take out your rollers, and comb in with a wide tooth comb. Your hair will part naturally so wait a little bit for it to do its thing. Once this happens, spray lightly with a bottle of SESSION.SPRAY to make sure the style holds.

2) Bedroom Hair

This is the style everyone wants. The look as if you just got out of a sexy time bed. It’s messy, care-free, and a little sweaty. To get this rebellious look, apply a light curl enhancing lotion to your already damp hair (thanks to sweat) and scrunch that noise with the use of a dryer and a diffuser. Keep scrunching until your hair is really dry. While the hair is still warm, pile it up into a shower cap and go eat a Kevin Murphy DELICIOUS.SNACK or take a SATISFYING.POOP for 10 minutes.

The cooling down of the hair is important to do under the shower cap because it gives the roots lift and sets it in an cray cray wacky fashion. Once the hair has cooled, apply a little more product and the result will be a sexy messy curl that looks unkempt but blazing hot.

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