3 Ways Stinging Nettle Can Boost Hair Health

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Everyone knows what a stinging nettle is, if you don’t know exactly what they look like, you probably know what they feel like. If you have ever walked through any sort of bush, that singing, burning sensation you feel is the stinging nettle.  Although they may seem terrible, you can actually eat them.


It sounds awful, but the razor-sharp burning only lasts a few days.

1)      Eat them

Yes you can eat them, but first you must steam them, and steam them HARD. Once steamed, the stingers fall off, and you are left with a spinch-like food. Throw on some butter and salt and many people say its better than spinach! They contain epic amounts of potassium, magnesium, and iron, which is really good for your hair’s strength.

2)     Make Tea

Simply using the leaves to brew a tea creates a earthy, plant-like tea. The tea contains much of the nutrients that are good for hair strength and shine.

3)     Make a Stinging Nettle Rinse

Prepare the tea as described above, and then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, such as peppermint, to preserve it. (The dark, chlorophyll solution will last in the fridge for up to six months.) To apply, pour an ounce or two over your wet hair right before you shampoo. Take a minute to massage it into your scalp or comb it through your hair. You can repeat the hair-strengthening rinse once a week for a healthy scalp and soft, shiny hair.

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