Kevin Murphy Washes and Rinses – Angel


Kevin Murphy cares deeply about the health of your scalp, so all Kevin Murphy washes are sulphate and paraben free. Each wash has a matching rinse, and each pair is specifically designed to take care of a specific type of hair.



Apply Angel.Wash to wet hair and massage into hair and scalp, rinse and repeat if needed.

Designed For:

Angel wash is for fragile, fine, or broken hair that is coloured or damaged. This is specifically designed for hair that has been exposed to long term medication, chemical straightening or bleaching. Angel.Wash is meant to gently wash the hair, but allows hair to keep its colour intensity. Angel.Wash also shields hair from free radicals, inhibits UVA oxidation, which is essential for repair of damaged hair.


Sulphate Free
Paraben Free
Colour Safe
Reduces Breakage
Antioxidant Rich

Key Ingredients:

Grapefruit Peel Oil:
Helps to relieve stress and is simultaneously a cleanser for oily scalps and hair.

Sulfate-Free Surfactants:
Gently cleanses while maximizing colour retention.

-Matching Rinse-



Angel.Rinse is the twin product for Angel.Wash. The rinse helps lock down natural shine and colour, and enriches your hair vitamins A and C to protect against hair stress.


Apply to freshly washed hair, leave for 1-2 minutes then rinse.

Key Ingredients:

Mango Seed Butter:
Soothes and protects

Grapefruit Extracts:
Promotes hair growth and is cellular regenerative. It also provides beneficial treatment for oily skin and hair.

Cocoa Butter:
Gently soothes the scalp and increases

Olive Oil Esters:
Repair the hair at a cellular level.

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