Kevin Murphy Treatments – Shimmer.Shine

Directions: Spray on your hair, either before or after styling. Benefits: Adds shine Strengthening Moisturizing Paraben free Description: Shimmer Shine is what is known as a finishing mist, it adds an angelic shine to hair with no oily residue. If you take a look at the picture of the bottle here, you can see that...

Kevin Murphy Treatments – Born.Again

Directions: Apply throughout freshly washed hair and scalp, leave in hair for 2 to 20 minutes, then rinse. Benefits: Paraben Free Protects against hair loss Improves colour retention Smooths out frizz Improves Shine Repairs the hair and scalp at cellular level Description: Born.Again is the masterpiece of the Kevin Murphy collection. This treatment is unique...

Kevin Murphy Treatments – Blonde.Angel

Directions: Apply Blonde Angel to freshly washed hair, leave for 1 minute, then rinse. Benefits: Paraben Free Colour enhancer Refresh bleached or highlighted hair Revive blonde or grey hair Description: Blonde Angel is a tone-neutralizer formula specifically designed to balance out the gold in your blond hair and give you a cooler tone. Blonde Angel...

Kevin Murphy Treatments – Young.Again

Directions: Apply to damp hair, after washing but before styling. Benefits: Immortelle will restore and revive hair Nutrient Rich Regain elasticity Infuse hair with shine Powerful antioxidants Moisturizes dry and damaged hair Conditions hair Description: Relish in angelically smooth and soft hair with Kevin Murphy’s Young Again. This exquisite hair conditioner is infused with the...

3 Absurd Ways to Make Jewelry Out of Hair

This article combines all of the strange ways that people have been making different kinds of jewelry from human hair. We are hoping that people don’t come up with anymore ideas on how to make accessories out of hair, because it is starting to get somewhat frightening.

Victorian Hair Art

In one of our recent posts, we talked about how some people have made jewelry out of human hair. Today, this might be considered strange and bizarre, but back in the Victorian era, hair jewelry (especially brooches) was a huge industry.

Get Naked. Coconuts.

Everyone knows that naked is better. So go ahead, get naked, we guarantee reading this blog will be way more fun! Especially if you have some Naked Coconuts!

Jewelry Made out of Human Hair

We already talked about an entire wedding dress that was made out of human hair, but the bride can’t be the bride until she gets some awesome jewelry. So why not go the extra step and get some jewelry made out of hair?