3 Strange Ways Animals Use Hair

If you were asked to describe eyeballs you would probably use adjectives like smooth, round, and squishy. Among the list of words you might use, hairy is likely not one of them. Unless you happen to be talking about honey bees. Yes, honey bee’s have hairy eyeballs.

Geckos and Their Hairy Fingers

One of the defining characteristics of mammals is that they have hair on their bodies. But, we bet you didn’t know that recently scientists have discovered that geckos have tiny little hairs on their fingertips. The reason scientists were looking so closely at the fingers of geckos is because science is weird like that, but also, nobody…

Help Little Birdies with Your Hair Clippings!

  You probably already know that you can donate your hair to various causes. In most cases, the purpose of the charity is to create a wig for people who need one, and most women aren’t going completely shave their long and beautiful locks after spending so much time and energy growing them, and most…

A Wedding Dress Made of Human Hair

If someone tried to sell you a shirt or a coat that was made of human hair, you would probably be pretty grossed out, maybe even cry a little bit out of fear. Anyway, we are guessing that you would not buy said hair garment. Unless of course you happen to be Thelma Madine, a…

Hair – It’s Growing Your Dinner

The one thing people don’t like in their food is hair, also, the one thing people don’t like in their hair is food. Although food and hair are typically things you don’t want associating with each other, one hair styling genius has found a way to help grow food using batches of otherwise useless hair.

Shears made like Samurai Swords

When a hairstylist is cutting your hair, you are probably not thinking about the quality or design of their hair-sculpting tools. You might not have never considered that there might be a great scale of quality in hair-cutting tools. Most people probably don’t even know exactly what their hairstylist is using at any given time to style their hair.

Mystical Hair

As long as people have been around, hair has been around. Hairdressing dates back thousands of years, in fact, hairdressing has such an extensive history that there is actually an entire encyclopedia of hair that documents the history and culture of hairdressing around the world.  According to the encyclopedia, some cultures in Africa believe that…