3 Foods That are Incredible For Your Hair

You might assume that the food you eat doesn’t really affect your hair, but you would be wrong. Apparently there are a variety of healthy food items that can actually boost the health and appearance of your locks. Check out some of this hair-healthy grub! 1. Oysters Oysters are fancy and delicious. Serve them up…

2 Ancient Forms of Hair Dyes

Ancient peoples used dyes for all sorts of things, like face paint and pottery. But have you ever wondered if ancient peoples used hair dye? Well they did. So now are you wondering what they used as dye? We hope not, because obviously they used plants.

3 Absurd Ways to Make Jewelry Out of Hair

This article combines all of the strange ways that people have been making different kinds of jewelry from human hair. We are hoping that people don’t come up with anymore ideas on how to make accessories out of hair, because it is starting to get somewhat frightening.

Victorian Hair Art

In one of our recent posts, we talked about how some people have made jewelry out of human hair. Today, this might be considered strange and bizarre, but back in the Victorian era, hair jewelry (especially brooches) was a huge industry.

Get Naked. Coconuts.

Everyone knows that naked is better. So go ahead, get naked, we guarantee reading this blog will be way more fun! Especially if you have some Naked Coconuts!

Jewelry Made out of Human Hair

We already talked about an entire wedding dress that was made out of human hair, but the bride can’t be the bride until she gets some awesome jewelry. So why not go the extra step and get some jewelry made out of hair?

3 Strange Ways Animals Use Hair

If you were asked to describe eyeballs you would probably use adjectives like smooth, round, and squishy. Among the list of words you might use, hairy is likely not one of them. Unless you happen to be talking about honey bees. Yes, honey bee’s have hairy eyeballs.

Geckos and Their Hairy Fingers

One of the defining characteristics of mammals is that they have hair on their bodies. But, we bet you didn’t know that recently scientists have discovered that geckos have tiny little hairs on their fingertips. The reason scientists were looking so closely at the fingers of geckos is because science is weird like that, but also, nobody…