Most people assume that Kevin Murphy products are just like any other hair product, but most people are wrong. You might think that you can just pick up a bottle of Kevin Murphy SESSION.SPRAY and just start using it just like any regular old hair product. However, SESSION.SPRAY isn’t your typical hairspray.

Kevin Murphy knows first hand how dry and flaky spray products can make your hair. He also doesn’t like how most sprays leave behind a shine, but not enough hold. Hence, with his master alchemical skills (level 200), he blended two different products together to create the masterpiece known as SESSION.SPRAY

The end result was a product that leaves a gentle shine but isn’t greasy, but still offers substantial hold.

The best way to achieve great shine with great hold is to lightly spray the hair with SESSION.SPRAY all over the head. Wait about five seconds for the product to dry, then take a wide tooth comb and comb the hair. You will see the hair shine and actually look brilliant with no residue. After that, lightly spray the hair again to get that extra hold if desired. Kevin Murphy himself prefers to keep the hair as is after going over it with a wide tooth comb, because the hair will still have some bounce and won’t be stiff.

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