Kevin Muprhy Hair Styling Tricks – The Sex Bomb


Tools Required:

  • Hot Rollers (Large)
  • Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity
  • Kevin Murphy Smoothing.Brush
  • Kevin Muprhy Session.Spray
  • Parlux 2800 hairdryer
  • Showercap

Best Hair for This Technique:

The straighter the better.


1. Bust open that Anti.Gravity and smear that goop into the mid-lengths and ends of dry hair. Or if you don’t have any of that stuff, use Session.Spray and furiously brush it out. No we’re kidding brush gently.

2. Section the hair starting at the nape (back of the neck), roll the hair onto the hot rollers using big sections. Under the back, down at the sides and back at the top and front. If you have more than 6 sections, you’re doing it wrong (you loveable dummy).

3. Leave rollers on your head for 10-15 minutes.

4. Take out the rollers and brush thoroughly. Flip your head over like you’re at a rock show and gently tease your hair with your sexiness and the smoothing brush. Make sure you tease gently – hair doesn’t respond well to aggressiveness and it probably won’t give you its number. Concentrate at the roots with the brush until you look like a crazy cat lady.

5. Leave it for 5 minutes and lightly spray with Session.Spray.

6. Take your hair dryer and hang upside down somewhere and blow out the teased hair with the hot air until the hair looks shiny and soft.

7. Quickly slap on the shower cap loosely until the hair cools. This will give you the messy soft texture that looks like you just don’t care. After about 5 mines under the cap, remove it and shake, then prepare to explode your sexiness all over the place. Or if you prefer, target a dense crowd of good-looking people with a massive sexsplosion.

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