Kevin Murphy Styling Products – Body.Builder



Apply to damp hair and dry in.


Body.Builder is just what the name implies – it amps up your bod. Of course, by bod we mean your hair bod. This is not a body building product, so don’t eat it, no matter how tempting it may be. It is a mousse product enriched with the oil of tangerine, so its going to look and smell like delicious orange gelato. However, this is not a dessert mousse, it is a hair mousse, and you will be much better off putting it in your hair rather than your mouth. Anyway, the oil of tangerine will lock down your cuticle to create shine and stuff!

You can also layer Body.Builder onto the hair to create smooth and large shapes, such as triangles, octagons or tetrahedrons. The benefit of mousse is that it pushes itself between the hair with foaming action, and gives the appearance of thick and fuller hair. Also, the mousse looks like spray-can whipping cream, so you get to feel silly when you rub it on your head. The mousse works well with all hair textures, especially fine hair that is dry or damaged.


Features & Benefits
Weightless volumising spray mousse
Contains memory hold resins
Contains sunscreen and UV filters
Infused with Sunflower seed and vitamin B extracts
Contains Almond and Citrus Extracts for silky hold and shine

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