Kevin Murphy Styling Trick – Dry and Flaky Scalp


As winter sets in, some of you might notice your scalp get more flaky (especially men). This is because the air drier in the winter – you may notice your lips cracking and feeling very dry after taking a shower. Also, because its so cold outside and there is nothing to do except work and hibernate, we entertain ourselves by eating food. Eating sugary, salty, and fatty foods can make a flaky scalp flakier.

There are many expensive products you can buy to treat this first-world problem, but you should only use those products once out of every three times that you wash your hair. If you use it almost everyday, your scalp will become dependant on the product, you will go through withdrawls if you don’t get it, and it can eventually make your flaking worse, and even ruin your life.

begging for change

“I just need one more bottle of Head and Shoulders man, just one I swear!”

This is where MAXI.WASH comes in. Use MAXI.WASH every shower you take for 2 weeks, and don’t scrub your head, just let it soak into your hair for 2 minutes. You will see improvements in the amount of flakes falling off your head in no time.

washing head

Be cautious though, MAXI.WASH has been known to be a gateway wash to harder washes.

Before you become addicted to MAXI.WASH and shame your family, wean yourself off of it by using BALANCING.WASH every third or second time.

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