Kevin Murphy Styling Trick – The Starlet


Tools You Will Need:

Large Hot Tong
Large Round Brush
Parlux 2800 Hairdryer


Get your hair all wet and apply ANTI.GRAVITY, then dry it in until the hair is almost dry but still a little moist. Starting at your nape, aka the back of your neck, dry your hair straight back all through and under at the sides. Don’t straighten the ends of your hair too much. Why you ask? Because Kevin Murphy said so.

The idea is to get the root movement first. Once completed, find your nape again (shouldn’t be too hard) roll each section onto the hot tong then very quickly into a HAIR.CURLER. Secure with a clip. Next, roll the hair under the back at the front with the sides rolled under and slightly forward. For good times, leave the hair in the HAIR.CURLERS for at least 10-15 minutes.

Remove the HAIR.CURLERS. Tip you head upside down and do a little jig while teasing your roots with a good time. Then gently smooth them over with the SMOOTHING.BRUSH, because clearly that is what its made for. Do a flip (preferably off of a chair or something cool) and spray with SESSION.SPRAY.

Do nothing for 5 minutes. Kevin Murphy says don’t even look at your hair for 5 minutes, and for the love of all that is hairy dont touch it. Then, do a shake after 5 minutes and slightly brush out the ends. Congratulations, you are now a young actress or a singer.

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