Kevin Murphy Styling Tricks – 2 Secret Hair Curling Tips


1) To Get a Softer Curl

If you want some curls, but don’t want them to be so curly that they look like springs from a mattress, and don’t want the curls to get all frizzy from trying to pull them out, then you are reading the right blog post. The trick is to apply MOTION.LOTION to your hair while it is damp to almost dry, then dry your hair thoroughly.

Sectionalize your hair beginning at the sides, Roll into the curlers. Avoid making a part in your hair, because thats stupid. Take a hair dryer and re-dry your hair for about 10 minutes and let it cool.

The secret here is not to disturb the hair while it is drying. Playing and fiddling with your hair like a child will make it frizz. Once cooled, let the rollers out and lightly shake your hair. Next thing you know, you will have soft waves with no frizz.

2) To get Smooth Waves

If you have frizzy hair to begin with but still want the smoothest waves around, here is what you need to do. Apply the setting lotion ANTI.GRAVITY to wet hair, then dry it with a dryer.

Make sure your hair is dry, like really dry. Then, roll your hair into rollers with a smooth rolling action. Roll the top section off the face and the sides rolled down. Behind your ear and back should also be rolled down. Cover it up with a hair net if possible, and heat up the hair with dryer for 10 minutes, then let is cool for 5 minutes.

Remove the rollers without disturbing the hair too much, then let the hair naturally drop over time. The result will be a soft wave and no frizz. The benefit of this technique is that it has mad style. Also, no frizz. It will also look product free and controlled.

If you want, use a wide tooth comb to comb into position and spray lightly for hold.

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