Kevin Murphy Styling Tricks – Body.Guard & Easy.Rider Combo


We may have already discussed the benefits of the individual products BODY.GUARD and EASY.RIDER. But you see, in combination, these two products take on a life of their own, and allow you to reach a whole new level of style.

This combo is fantastic for the type of hair that is thicker and gets dry easily. The combo is also great for coloured hair, especially if the hair has been dyed many times over the years. This magic combo is especially wondrous people with brittle hair, such as your older clients like grandmas and grampas who have dyed their hair many times.

Kevin Murphy says that BODY.GUARD is your thermal protector, which means it protects your hair against dry heat and raging infernos.*

*Kevin Murphy does not recommend using this product in replace of firemen

Body.Guard has 9 essential oils that and as anti-oxidants, so it makes for a perfect after-colour leave-in repair product.

EASY.RIDER has vitamins and minerals that you hair eats and becomes healthy. You can blend BODY.GUARD and EASY.RIDER in the palm of your hand. If your hair is really dense and course, go half and half. If your hair is fine, then slap a little more BODY.GUARD in there. The result will be really smooth and shiny hair. The crazy cool benefits of this combo is styling prodcuts that treat your hair at the same time that it styles it to new heights.

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