Kevin Murphy Styling Tricks – Guy Styling


Required Tools:

  • Your Hands
  • Sense of Style

Best Hair For This Technique:

Some Guy’s Hair


In this video, Kevin Murphy himself explains how to style guy’s hair. The video is titled “The Correct Way to Style Men’s Hair”. That’s right, there is only one way to style men’s hair, and this video explains it. If you do not have the same style, same length, and same type of hair as the man-model in the video, then clearly you are not a real man, and you need to be going elsewhere for your hair styling needs.

1) First, the best way to evenly distribute product throughout men’s hair is do it when the hair is moist or wet. As Kevin did in the video, you can also keep a water sprayer around to get your hair wet.

2) Put a generous tab of product (EASY.RIDER) on your palm, and rub it evenly over your hands. Don’t plop a giant blob of product right on your head and smoosh it around as most guys do. This will create problems like blob-hair and uneven texture and appearance, which as you probably already know, is the bane of every man’s existence.

stressed out man

My hair… has such imbalanced texture!

3) Start at the back of the head, and by running your product-enriched hands up the back of your neck and through the hair to get the product distributed evenly. Gently pull on the hair all the way to the tips to get even distribution of the product.

4) Before moving on the the next area of hair, grab a chunk of hair and twist it around all willy-nilly, this will give it the semi-curly devil-may-care look. Then scrunch the hair into its final shape, don’t hold back on the scrunching either, like just scrunch and scrunch and scrunch until you don’t even know if scrunch is a word anymore.

5) Once the back of the head is officially scrunched, get more product and smear it on your hands. Now move to the front section. Run your hands front-to-back while making a sort of petting motion. Do this on the sides, and on the top of the front. This will make the front a smoother, more controlled wave. Also, if you say things like “Who’s a good boy?!” and “Look how cute you are!” while making the petting motion, it will make your subject feel loved and happy on the inside. Many stylists will follow this with a cookie or bacon treat.

6) Continue making the petting motion until maximum style is achieved, then take him for a walk and show off his awesome locks!

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