Kevin Murphy Styling Tricks – Messy Up Do


Tools You Will Need:

Bobby Pins
1 x Snag-free plastic elastic
Mad skills


Note: This style is best suited for those who have “one day old hair”. If you don’t already know, that means hair that has not been washed in one day, or even a couple days.

1) Apply a little but of ANTI.GRAVITY to your dry hair. Take your snag free elastic and throw your head forward like your head banging to some rockin’ tunes. Grab the hair at the bottom of the nape to the middle of the ear and secure tightly with the elastic band.

2) Tickle and tease your roots with your bristle brush while concentrating on the crown area. Starting at the lowest point of the back of your hair, mush the hair in your hands and secure with a bobby pin.

3) Keep pushing forward until you feel you have enough secured the stunning beauty of this style. It is a casual feel so don’t try too hard, in fact, don’t try at all.
4) Let your hair flip a bit, and this will give it the final sexy feel.

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