Kevin Murphy Tools – Smoothing.Brush



What you normally do with a brush. But for best results, use on dry hair.


This is a handcrafted round brush from the hands of a small Spanish company located on the north-eastern coast of Spain. With over 30 years in the industry, this Spanish Brand is a personal favorite of Kevin’s because well, everybody loves Spain.

The brush handle is made out of real Mahogany. Don’t worry though, the wood is from a tree farm and not a virgin forest. Not only is Kevin a leader of fashion and beauty, but he also tries to save the environment while hes at it. Everyone loves Mahogany because its lightweight and durable, and as a bonus it smells like the summer cottages of the wealthy elite.

The oval cushion is no regular oval cushion. It is made using not one, but two different rubber thingies, making it mathematically twice as good for providing high resistance to water and heat compared to regular brushes.

The bristles are made from pure natural wild boar to ensure there is no damage to the hair structure. Pure boar bristles massage the hair cuticle which feels amazing, and also makes the hair smoother and shinier. The boar bristles naturally spread essential oils from the scalp down the hair shaft. Also, the bristles do not conduct electricity so you don’t have to worry about hair frizz or getting struck by lightning while doing your hair.

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