Kevin Murphy Tools – Wave.Clip



It’s called a clip. So yes, you clip it into your hair

Further Directions:

The wave clip can do a couple things, such as smoothing frizz and stuff on naturally curly hair, and creating natural-looking waves in flat, straight hair.

The wave clip is an excellent way to create body without the hassle of curlers and stuff. You can use the wave clips in much less time, and give yourself or others

First you want to take a fairly large chunk of hair, and clip it into the clip without getting any hair caught in the sides. This will prevent the person you are doing it to from smacking you because you are pulling their hair. You might want to grab some regular hair clips as well – when you put in one or two wave clips, you can clip the remaining hair at the bottom with a regualar clip to keep everything in place.

After all your wave clips are in place, spray them down with some more Kevin Murphy products like ANTI.GRAVITY or something similar. After you’re done, blow dry the hair on high heat but low force. After heating it up, blow dry it on cool for a minute. Unclip those clips and bam! Your famous.

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