Kevin Murphy Treatments – Blonde.Angel



Apply Blonde Angel to freshly washed hair, leave for 1 minute, then rinse.


Paraben Free
Colour enhancer
Refresh bleached or highlighted hair
Revive blonde or grey hair


Blonde Angel is a tone-neutralizer formula specifically designed to balance out the gold in your blond hair and give you a cooler tone. Blonde Angel is a colour-refresher, it will heal and revive your sun-damaged blonde hair and refresh bleached or grey tones.

This treatment gets these characteristics from the medley of natural colour-boosting ingredients. Sunflower Seed Extracts act as a natural sunscreen that guard against colour fade and brassiness.

Some Key Ingredients:

Olive Oil Extracts
Helps to hydrate, restore and repair. It also promotes shine and elasticity in hair. Among these natural ingredients is also lavender flower, which helps moisturize and cleanse your hair.
Brazil Nut Extracts
Forms a protective layer on hair, blocking evaporation and giving hair a long lasting silkiness.

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