Kevin Murphy Treatments – Young.Again



Apply to damp hair, after washing but before styling.


Immortelle will restore and revive hair
Nutrient Rich
Regain elasticity
Infuse hair with shine
Powerful antioxidants
Moisturizes dry and damaged hair
Conditions hair


Relish in angelically smooth and soft hair with Kevin Murphy’s Young Again.

This exquisite hair conditioner is infused with the Immortelle flower extract. The Immortelle flower is rich in antioxidants, and it will protect your hair from UV rays, and all of the other unrelenting elements, all while keeping it smooth, shiny, and full of body. The Immortelle fower, as the name suggests, will make your hair immortal, and protect your hair from the damaging and unrelenting elements that your hair is exposed to everyday.

This hair-elixir is infused with Bur Oil, which promotes hair strength and can help to relieve dry and flaky skin. The oil is also mixed with apple and sugar cane extracts, which scrubs dead cells from the hair’s surface and gives it a smoother surface to the hair. Plus if you spill any in your mouth, it might not taste all that bad. The safflower seed oil acts as a lubricant between hair strands, granting them smoothness and lightly preventing tangling.

Some Key Ingredients:

Immortelle Flower
Rich in antioxidants preventing damage to hair
Citrus Limonium (Lemon Oil) 
Antioxidant Rich
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
Helps prevent breakage

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