Kevin Murphy Washes and Rinses – Luxury




Apply to wet hair, rinse repeat.


This wash has been engineered and re-engineered many times to produce the richest and smoothest shampoo in the universe. This wash is so luxurious it will turn your hair into a BMW convertible. Not only that, but it will give your hair more flexibility and make it more manageable. This wash is especially good for curly hair and thick and coarse hair, as it has the best possible hydro lipid balance.


Sulpate free
Paraben Free
Smoothing Shampoo
For thick, coarse, coloured hair
Colour Safe
Provide Elasticity and Shine

Some Key Ingredients:

Buriti Nut Oil
A natural source of vitamin A. Gives hair elasticity and shine.
Mango Butter
Exhibits excellent moisturizing properties and counteracts the effects of a dry environment.
Shea Butter
Delivers moisture to dry or damaged, repair and protects against weather damage. Also restores luster to hair.

-Matching Rinse-



Massage into wet, washed hair and scalp. Leave for 2 minutes, then rinse and eat a BLT sandwich.


Again, this rinse has been reinvented over and over to produce the most effective and absurdly luxurious conditioner. This conditioner will make your hair so supple and flexible that you could use it as a pillow. Again, this rinse is perfect for curly and coarse hair, and gives it a smoother appearance as it prevents frizz. The added Murumuru Butter is known for its shine enhancing properties, which improves hydration and natural shine. Also, it tastes amazing and you can probably cook eggs in it.


Paraben Free
Smoothing Shampoo
Thick or coarse, coloured hair
Colour Safe
Provides elasticity and shine

Key Ingredients:

Kukui Nut Oil
Has proven effects in treating damaged hair due to chemical dehydration
Murumuru Butter
Provides hydro-lipid balance that improves hydration and lustre.

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