Strange Beauty Treatments – Fire Facial

Categories:Fun Hair Facts

These days, there are all sorts of beauty treatments that can call strange. Even though some of them may actually work, they are still weird and questionable. Then there are those beauty treatments that very likely don’t work at all, and all types of beauty parlours and spas are reaping the monetary benefits from exotic beauty treatments that they probably invented that day.

For whatever reasons, some crazy japanese spa came up with the incredible idea of lighting your face on fire to make it prettier.

fire facial

Seems legit.

Apparently, fire makes skin tighter and look younger. Oh wait no it doesn’t. Fire melts skin. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? We wonder how much it would cost to have someone light something on fire and put it on your head. We bet they have an awesome slogan for it too.


“Why go to the jail for lighting people on fire when you can get them to pay you for it?”

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