Three Things to Do With Your Excess Hair

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It always seems like such a waste to throw out my hair after it is cut off. I can’t help but picture a landfill somewhere entirely filled with hair. Fun to push someone into who is entirely dressed in black, but otherwise useless. Not to worry. There are revolutionary methodologies becoming available to deal with this sanitary nuisance.

  1. It seems obvious but it bears repeating. You can donate your hair to be made into a wig. Not if you have short hair though. This is only really an option for the exact situation where someone with very long hair decides to get a crew cut or something. As such, it isn’t the most suitable hair disposable strategy.
  2.   Furniture. Ronald Thompson, an ex-assistant hairdresser, has developed a building material made from hair clippings to make furniture, such as chairs. The material is intended to replace fibreglass, which carries a large ecological footprint. Gross. Neat?
  3. Clothing. This guy Bill Black has done this. He’s like some sort of hair- priest. He travels around spreading the word about the wonders and uses of human hair, and making clothes out of it. He’s been on the Tonight Show and Letterman and everything. Is it weirder to wear human wool than sheep’s wool? Yes. Simply, yes.

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  1. David
    July 23, 2014 at 11:05 pm

    I had no idea you could make hair chairs or clothing …I’d wear my own hair. Life is weird and you have just provided me with another awesome silly fact . Looking at the floor when my hair is carelessly tossed aside and swept awaywill never be the same. Thanks , awesome article.

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