Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Hair Every Day


Why does my lazy friend’s hair always look so good? The answer may be because they don’t wash it. Dermatologists and stylists agree, a daily washing is actually detrimental to your hair looking awesome. Hair is a fibre comprised of Keratin, and like other fibers (wool, for example) the more you wash it the worse it looks. If your hair is long, thick, or highly processed, it can go quite some time without a lathering. This is because oils from the scalp take longer to travel down the hair, keeping it dry longer. In fact, lathering, which most people associate with cleanliness, comes from the harshest chemicals in the shampoo: sulphates.

shampoo lathering chemicals

Ahhhh, chemicals.

These ingredients only serve to create bubbles and play no role in cleansing the scalp. They actually dehydrate hair. They are only there because you would be weirded out if your soap did not lather. Clean hair is also harder to style. Because it is slippery and floppy, it requires more product and looks dull. Overall, the laziest and therefore best method of hair care is to wash your hair every second or third day. Go sit around and do nothing. You’re “conditioning” your hair.

And remember House of Tin carries Purely Perfect, a sulphate and chemical free shampoo for when you DO wash your hair!

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